Monday, June 14, 2010

About commit messages

I noticed that top 3 commit messages on a project I'm currently working on are following:

1. fixes / fix bug / fix bugs
2. typo
3. changes (hey, 2pac)

Every time I spot such a commit message I literally see how the $EDITOR arises between the poor developer wanting to commit his changes and the repository like the magic door in front of Ali Baba and how the developer has to say 'Open sesame' to make this annoying thing go away.

Anyway, I know how to fix that! If you're using git, add the following alias to your ~/.gitconfig:

ci = commit -a -m "changes"

and you're all settled up! Just use git ci to commit your stuff.

For a reasonable price I can consult you how to exorcise the $EDITOR from other scms.


  1. Yeah, I spotted this site just yesterday and I liked it a lot :)