Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm analysing some things happening in my life and wondering how... well, subjective and isolated from environment certain things could be.

A good example is a car. You buy a new car and you start adjusting it the way you like: you buy wheels, suspension, maybe audio etc etc, you have a long list of things you want to install like silicon hoses, gauges, consider buying some new wheels and so on. There are of course a lot of cars better then yours and you surely can afford some of them, but you don't think about that. But one day a simple thought kicks you in a head: "I NEED this car". So you decide to sell your car and buy a new one; probably not now, probably not even this month, but you're sure you'll do it soon. So... nothing has changed in the environment. Just a simple idea in your head kills your passion in a second without any obvious changes in the environment and you cannot do anything about that.

It scares me a little when I think about it and subconsciously I apply these thought to my programming job: what if my attitude to the certain projects or people are caused more by some ideas in my head than the environment? Well, there is nothing new in this thoughts and this subject is covered in a psychology, but despite of that it's really hard to find own base sometimes.

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