Thursday, June 3, 2010

libcloud's GoGrid driver

We have to work quite often with GoGrid quite frequently and about a year ago I wrote gg-tools -- a set of CLI tools and a library in Python. We've used it for a while but later decided to switch to libcloud to have a better portability if we decide to move to other cloud provider.

However I found that some things in GoGrid driver could be improved. Specifically, there is quite annoying thing that gogrid doesn't assign an id to a node immediately after creation, but libcloud always expects to get an id for the image. As per discussion in libcloud maillist, create_node() was patched to block until the node gets ip assigned. Also, ex_create_node_nowait() method was added which simply adds node right away and returns id == None.

While the patches are being reviewed, I created a fork on github:
with these changes applied. Feel free to check it out, GoGrid driver should be in a working state here as we use it on a daily basis and even if some error raises up it will be fixed quickly.

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