Monday, December 21, 2009

Train Girl

I've boarded the train to Moscow sometime around 4-5 pm or something like that. The only other person in a coupe was a girl. A few minutes after train departed I've started talking to her discussing some gibberish that people usually talk about in trains/planes/etc and eventually the talk became very interesting. You know this feeling, when you're talking with somebody and you have so much things to say and you feel that the person you talk with also has a lot of things to say and basically that it would be fine to have a several discussions with this person in parallel at the same time.

So we've been talking until about 1am and discussed lots of topics, including some personal ones, so, about 8 hours or so, quite a lot of time.

I decided that it's definitely worth not to lose a connection with this person, however I was shy to ask a number. We've agreed to go to the subway (the one that under the ground, not food) together and I though I'd ask number there, but somebody meat her right near the train so I had no chance to ask the number.

So I was feeling quite impressed. I was really really angry at myself that I haven't asked her number. I wasn't able to stop thinking about her for a 4 or 5 days (and it's quite a lot of time for me to think about a girl ;]). I even managed to figure out her last name and address.

But now, a bit more than two weeks later I realised that I almost stopped thinking about her. So, now I'm not sure already if I should try to contact her... blah, on one hand I definitely won't loose anything by trying to contact her, on the other hand it doesn't to be a good situation when you're not sure if you like a person or not, at least I don't like it.

Will see how the stuff goes.

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