Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New...

It's 31th of December, 2am. I cannot sleep, don't know why -- maybe because of jet lag or because of a bunch of not so pleasant thoughts in my head. Anyway, this year was not boring by any means.

I'm not in a mood to write some lengthy general post, just want to touch professional aspect of my life. I wrote quite a lot of code this year (not very much though, but not bad at all I think). Unfortunately, most of the code ended up being a shelf-ware or ended up only on my computers with me being the only user as I cannot make the code go live because it's not usable for people other than me -- lacks docs, misses general, but not important to me features and so on.

So I really hope to make a dramatic improvement in that sense in the new year.

Happy Holidays to you.

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