Monday, December 21, 2009

Doing Nothing Zen

Looks like I've somehow managed to master 'doing nothing' skill. When I was flying from Moscow to SF two weaks ago (I guess it's about 12 hours + 7 hours) the time passed very quick, I wasn't even reading a book or watching movies etc, was just sitting and doing nothing. And that is quite unnatural to me, because I always feel a need to do something and sitting in the plane without an ability to move or do something interesting was a pain in a previous trips. I even thought that I have an ac/hd as it was really hard to not change things quite often.

Moreover, being in bart also doesn't bother me much. I don't use laptop, I don't read books -- not because I don't bring them, I always have it in my bag, but just because I enjoy looking through the window (even though I've seen everything quite a lot of time there) and I feel totally OK about it.

That's probably because I'm quite tired and my brain switched to some 'lazy' mode or something like that, or maybe I'm just getting old. :) I hope I will be feeling same on the long way home.

One more thing I have to learn is how to sleep in a plane.

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