Sunday, November 1, 2009

About St. Petersburg trip

Yesterday night I've returned from St. Petersburg trip I previously wrote about. It takes 25 hours on train to get there (and the same from there to home). Quite a lot of time, but really, not very painful. I've spend about 2 weeks there.

Right from the train we went to the office, it's only 1 subway station away from the rails station. This part of the city is really beautiful. Here's a picture of the office building:

The view of the street leading to the office:

Very nice.

In the evening we've checked in into the hotel. The room is small but accurate:

The only problem with that was the furniture. I cannot even say it is uncomfortable, but it's strange, I mean, I wasn't able to sit or lay comfortably. Also, pillows were unusually small. Anyway, it's just a whim, stuff was generally good for a hotel.

Initially, I thought I will visit various interesting places in SPb - museums, parks, palaces and stuff like that. Later on, I've realized that I've visited them lots of time before but I still don't have an overview of the city. So this time I was just walking on the streets.

I've made some photos of the places I like. I guess they don't have any value from the photographer's point of view, but probably they will make you want visit SPb or at least find a better photos :)

Great city, like it so much :-)

One more good thing about it -- your shoes stays clean even if it's raining everyday. Obviously, it's because the city is very clean.

Ah, I definitely want to visit it again.

PS Here's my bag:

I've managed to cram all my stuff into it and it looks like a giant pregnant bee. Looks even more funnier on my back: imagine a person being shagged by a giant bee, haha.

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