Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lenovo X61S

... is just CRAP!!! At least for a *nix user. First of all, it has some clit instead of a touchpad. I don't like the idea to place a clitoris in a middle of laptop's keyboard. OK, since almost all apps I use are command line and I also use stuff like vimperator for non-cli apps, I don't need to use mouse often. BUT BUT BUT. The keyboard is HORRIBLE! It's totally non standard and offset between rows are not usual as well because I always type stuff with offset of 1 symbol to the left or to the right. Moreover, the Escape key is placed in a very strange place, to the top of F1 key, so I often confuse esc with f1. It has function key as a very left button of bottom row, so I confuse it with control key. It has sleep key bound to fn + f4. So if I want to switch to 4th virtual desktop I risk to press fn-f4 instead of ctrl-f4 and suspend the laptop.

I don't know how much time will I need to get used to it and I see no point at all to make such a non traditional controls. I wish I just could throw it into the window...

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