Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Las Vegas pwnz!

I've been in Las Vegas last weekend. Well, what can I say, it's impressive!

I've attended only two shows: Blue Man Group show and KA Theatre. Both shows are really great. I'd probably visit them both again. Unfortunately, I was kinda short on money and time and haven't had a chance to try out more shows or try girls ;]

By the way, there are really lots of guys who offer girls on the Strip. They stay there any time, though there are less of them in the morning. But in the evening they stay in a row (literally) and there are LOTS of them. I wonder if that's effective, because they seem to give people all the same slides. I guess the efficiency would not change if their could would be reduced 5-10 times.

Anyway, I really liked Las Vegas. That's the first place in US where I'd agree to live. Probably it would get annoying after some time though.

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