Monday, December 13, 2010

GoGrid locations support in libcloud

GoGrid added support for locations (US-West-1 and US-East-1) quite some time ago and I finally managed to implement this feature for libcloud's GoGrid driver. Fortunately, libcloud API already takes into account that cloud providers could have more than one location, so the most important part was there already.




Some of the lc-tools support '-l' flag to specify location id. Here's how a typical sequence would look like:

Few notes here: you probably noticed that we filter images by locations but don't do it for sizes. Strictly speaking, sizes might differ for various providers and this is also accounted by libcloud API; but for GoGrid sizes are same for both locations, so I skipped this step.

And the second thing: all these features are available in svn version of libcloud and git version of lc-tools.

Also the thing I should have been mentioned for some time already: GoGrid provided me with an account and it is quite helpful for various testing.

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