Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Announcing lc-tools: command line tools on top of libcloud

Looks like it's time to announce lc-tools! What is it? Basically, it's just a few command line tools to manage your clouds based on libcloud. What advantages does it give? Well, it supports as many cloud providers as libcloud supports (ec2, rackspace, gogrid and many others) and you can manage them all with a single tool.

Look and feel is pretty similar to gg's one as it seems to be quite comfortable and I used gg more than year on a regular basis and haven't had any issues with it.

Currently lc-tools covers almost all functionality provided by libcloud, but I've only tested it with GoGrid.

Some examples so you can check look and feel of the application:
Listing available node images
$ lc-image-list|grep -i centos
image CentOS 5.2 (32-bit) w/ RightScale (id = 62)
image CentOS 5.2 (64-bit) w/ RightScale (id = 63)
image CentOS 5.3 (32-bit) w/ None (id = 1531)
image CentOS 5.3 (64-bit) w/ None (id = 1532)
... and sizes
$ lc-sizes-list
size 512MB (id=512MB, ram=512, disk=30 bandwidth=None)
size 4GB (id=4GB, ram=4096, disk=240 bandwidth=None)
size 2GB (id=2GB, ram=2048, disk=120 bandwidth=None)
size 8GB (id=8GB, ram=8192, disk=480 bandwidth=None)
size 1GB (id=1GB, ram=1024, disk=60 bandwidth=None)

Creating a new node
lc-node-add -i 62 -s 1GB -n mynewnode

Pay attention to values 62 and 1GB -- they are ids of image and size respectively (from previous examples).

Listing nodes
$ lc-node-list
100xxx mynode1 173.204.xx.yy Running
100xxx mynode2 173.204.xx.zz Running
Destroying nodes
$ lc-node-do -i node_id destroy

Project's github page contains a README file with documentation enough to get started, but if you have any problems or suggestions feel free to contact me via github, blog or email.

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