Saturday, July 17, 2010

About GoGrid Support

Let's discuss GoGrid support today. As an example I will take recent '<h1>596 Service Not Found</h1>' error.

This error arises about every 15-20th request to the API, and it's quite often. The fact that this error is not well formatted JSON or XML with GoGrid API exception and therefore might not be handled well by some libs makes it even more annoying. Yeah, and this error was noticed by at least two more people on different accounts.

So the natural thing to do was to start a case and try to find out what's wrong (as it's obviously not a normal behaviour). I did that and I got an answer like "Yeah, we know about this error, if you spot it try waiting 5 minutes and try again". It's just ridiculous. Imagine an engine of your car stops after each hour of driving, you come to the service and being told like wait 5 minutes then start the engine again and your problem is fixed!

You'd unlikely want to visit such a service again and the same goes for support. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the first thing that customer wants from support is getting his problem fixed and if the problem cannot be fixed right away get estimates and details why it cannot be fixed. And who needs workarounds, especially for such obvious cases?

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