Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to US, part2 - food

As promised, here's a quick post about my food-related experience in US.

* First, the most impressive thing is a size of portions - they _veeeeeeeeeery_ large. Like, when you order a sandwich, they bring you two of them and bring some extra stuff like cakes or probably free. It's a lot of food, esp. for the breakfast.

* Coffee - coffee is very tasty. I tasted coffee in peet's, starbucks and probably something else I forgot and it was pretty good everywhere. Muffins and cakes there are also pretty yummu.

* The above two items lead me to conclusion that I don't really need a traditional breakfast, I'd better grab medium size coffee and a muffin or two and it's enough for me and cheaper.

* As for various kitchens, Thai and Italian are pretty good. And due to size of portions you can order chicken or pizza, eat part of it, ask for the box and use it for lunch or even for two.

* This item is closer to service than to food itself. When you order food you always get asked additional questions, like "what do you want it to be served with" etc, and it's pretty hard to tell, because I learned English from UNIX manpages and then IRC and don't know all these words =)
It's kinda problematic, because "I don't care" almost never works. But it's ok, just have to learn more food-related words :)

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