Monday, May 30, 2011

lc-tools released!

A lot of time passed since the latest lc-tools release, and now it's almost summer, so it's time for updates!

The first news is that libcloud is now an Apache Top Level Project (TLP) and new version 0.5.0 has been released with some new features, bug fixes and new support for working with storage and load balancers. And it's a perfect time for new lc-tools release!

There are not so many new features in this lc-tools release, most of the changes were to chase internal libcloud changes. Additionally, I've changed versioning scheme a little and now it looks like $libcloud_version$lctools_version, where $libcloud_version is the version of libcloud current release was targeted and tested with.

The only new major change is the addition of lb-* scripts to manage load balancers. You can get more information on them from Documnetation.

You can install the new version using either easy_install:

easy_install lctools

or by downloading and installing it by hands:


SHA256 (lctools- = f09629664a5209be687c56cfe07e123939e28b18070b719436307a74b823f10b

Happy hacking on the cloud stuff!

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