Thursday, February 24, 2011

ChangeLog / NEWS importance

I was scanning portscout recently and noticed new version of xplanet released.

As usual, I've grabbed new version tarball and started compilation, meanwhile checking ChangeLog and NEWS for list of changes in the new version. I was a bit disappointed when I wasn't able to find anything I was looking for. I thought I probably could find some announcement on the forums or project's website, but had no luck with this as well. Now it's not even funny.

Of course, I can do diff -ruN against the old version, but it's not quite easy to understand what's been changed without knowing context and it won't work for all users. So, it's quite strange situation for a typical user as he has no clue why he should upgrade.

While providing a list of changes for the release is a very simple thing, it's very important from user perspective and unfortunately keeps getting forgotten sometimes.

PS I almost forgot to mention I've tried to check project's svn, but sourceforge is slow as hell or even slower, so I wasn't able neither checkout sources nor view them from the website.

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