Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gmail generation

Gmail got extremely popular about 2-3 years ago. That's probably because of kinda simple and at the same time powerful web interface it has. Even my mother has a gmail account these days and uses it all the time and has no problem with it at all.

But there's a bad, very bad thing about it: it makes people format messages awfully. It's been written in various places that default quoting method is top-quoting, which is really annoying in most of the time. Moreover, people who read mails sent by normal mail clients like mutt, have problems with viewing them. Because text placed after a quoted message will by most likely formatted as a quotation as well by gmail. And inline quotation must be a real PITA for gmail users.

Moreover, it forces people to over-quote because it leaves all messages from the thread, not the last one.

As a result, most e-mail threads in which gmail users take part look like: several lines on message and then lots of lines of the previous messages quoted.

It's really painful to read and I guess anti-gmail campaign would be more actual than ascii ribbon campaign these days.

PS Actually not gmail, but it's formatting, because in general service seems to be OK.

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