Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bike, Health and stuff

I cannot say I was a sporty type from the childhood, but since the yearly age I've been spending a lot of time on the street and was playing soccer, basketball and other games all the time. It lasted until about 8th grade, then I changed school and a way of life a bit, I've started spending more time on computers and stuff and started to smoke and drink =) And I've started to attend gym as well. It's kinda strange combination and it resulted it gaining some strength and weight and decreasing overall stamina.

Then I've entered the university and my lifestyle didn't change much: I was still spending a lot of time with computers and other time I was drinking (have tried almost every alco drinks during uni years ;]), though I quit smoking. And I was still attending gym. I did pretty well for an amateur, I did a bench press with about 105-110 kg while my own weight was about 95 kg or so.

On the 3rd year of university I decided that I need more money than scholarship ;]. I've found a half-time job and was still attending most of the classes and gym, but it was kinda hard. Moreover, it turned out that halt-time job is really not very good due to various reasons, so I found other job, full time this time.

So I've started working full time and was still attending most important classes. I've gave up on the gym, because I almost had no free time. However, I consider that's because I don't manage time well and it was still possible to find some room for such activities, but time management is a totally different subject and I will probably write about my problems with it later on. Oh, yeah, so I've left the gym. Then I bought a car, so I even separated myself from walking. Now I realize it wasn't very good, however the car allowed me to have some more free time.

I've lived in such a mode for more than two years. I've started to realize that I feel bad without sport activities. I've gained some more weight (needless to say it wasn't a muscle weight ;]). The lack of physical activities made my stamina even more lower. Moreover, I was missing this wonderful pain that you feel after trainings.

Last summer I've finally graduated. First few month I was really glad that I have a lot of free time and had no exams, tests and other annoying stuff so totally forgot about sport stuff.

And just recently I've started to think about it. My first though was to start attending gym again. But then I decided that attending gym will just more increase weight (and I don't think it's good even it will be muscle weight this time) and lower stamina. I think it's possible to increase stamina by attending gym but it will be more effective to choose some more 'dynamic' physical loads.

So, I've decided to by a bike. I had a bike when I was a child, it was a very simple bike, but I really enjoyed it, so I thought that bike is a great tool to get dynamic loads and increase stamina. Norco Bigfoot has became my bike of choice: it's pretty durable like most Norco bikes, has nice breaks and other stuff.

First impression: it feels pretty good. My area is a slight downhill (or uphill, depends on how you look at it ;]). I prefer to start uphill, so as soon as I get tired I could just ride back. Currently, I can do about 2-3 km uphill and then my legs get tired I have to move back. I guess it's a payment for my not balanced lifestyle during last few years. Anyway, I think I will ride 3 or 4 times a week and will increase the distance a little each time. Will see how it will go.

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